Nolan Bushnell Business is a good game - lots of competition and a minimum of rules. You keep score with money.
Cicero To each his own.<br> (Suum Cuique)
Andre Malraux Be careful -- with quotations, you can damn anything.
Woody Allen I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.
Ayn Rand The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.
Oscar Wilde Religion is the fashionable substitute for belief.
Albert Einstein It is the theory that decides what we can observe.
Marilyn Monroe I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else.
Maggie Roche Where desire writhed there stands a stone; the change was sudden and complete.
Bruce Cockburn The trouble with normal is it only gets worse.
Smiley Blanton Life is all one piece. Men err when they think they can be inhuman exploiters in their business life, and loving husbands and fathers at home. For achievement without love is a cold and tight-lipped murderer of human happiness everywhere.
Lucius Accius Is demum miser est, cuius nobilitas miserias nobilitat.<br> (Indeed, wretched the man whose fame makes his misfortunes famous.)
General Douglas McArthur The enemy is in front of us, the enemy is behind us, the enemy is to the right and to the left of us. They can?t get away this time!!!
Adlai E. Stevenson Jr. I believe in the forgiveness of sin and the redemption of ignorance.
Mark Twain George Washington as a boy was ignorant of the commonest accomplishments of youth - he could not even lie.
Margaret Cho People drain me, even the closest of friends, and I find loneliness to be the best state in the union to live in.
Herman Hesse Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have drawn for it. Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world consists, other, new insights begin.
Eike von Repkow He who comes first, eats first. [Familiar as: First come first served.]
Pierre Charron The advice of friends must be received with a judicious reserve; we must not give ourselves up to it and follow it blindly, whether right or wrong.
George Santayana A child only educated at school is an uneducated child.
Dan Quayle We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur.
Joseph Parry Friendships that have stood the test of time and change are surely best.
George Bernard Shaw Martyrdom is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability.
Terry Pratchett If you put butter and salt on it, it tastes like salty butter.
Jawaharlal Nehru The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all.