Author Unknown

Author Unknown

He who ashamed of his poverty would be equally proud of his wealth.

Prejudice is the reasoning of fools.

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

The hardest work in the world is that which should have been done yesterday.

Beware of the man who knows the answer before he understands the question.

An expert knows all the answers - if you ask the right questions.

If someone offers to furnish a sure test, ask what the test was which made the sure test sure.

There is a growing suspicion that what the world needs now is a religion that will cover the other six days of the week.

Religion is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions.

Freedom is a package deal - with it comes responsibilities and consequences.

Someone has described science as an orderly arrangement of what, at the moment, seems to be facts.

Before a diamond shows its brilliancy and prismatic colors it has to stand a good deal of cutting and smoothing.

Think highly of yourself, for the world takes you at your own estimate.

Acknowledgment - If you wish your merit to be known, acknowledge that of other people.

Get into the habit of asking yourself if what you are doing can be handled by someone else.

Time invested in improving ourselves cuts down on time wasted in disapproving of others.

To save time is to lengthen life.

Most people pay too much for the things they get for nothing.

The greatest paradox of them all is to speak of \civilized warfare.\""

A great fortune in the hands of a fool is a great misfortune.

Some people lose their health getting wealth and then lose their wealth gaining health.

The best mind might be the wisest mind if it were a mind alone that produces wisdom.

If wisdom were on sale in the open market, the stupid would not even ask the price.

Wise men are not always silent, but they know when to be.

You can buy education, but wisdom is a gift from God.