Karen Horney Fortunately, psychoanalysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself remains a very effective therapist.
Johnny Carson The Hollywood tradition I like best is called \sucking up to the stars.\""
Johnson Pride is seldom delicate; it will please itself with very mean advantages.
Agatha Christie One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one.
Mark Twain Virtue has never been as respectable as money.
Nancy Newhall Conservation is humanity caring for the future.
Oscar Wilde Art is the most intense form of individualism that the world has known.
Mark Twain Carlyle said, \A lie cannot live\"; it shows he did not know how to tell them."
Abraham Lincoln Whatever you are, be a good one.
Seneca There is no great genius free from some tincture of madness.
French Proverb Anger is a bad counselor.
Ralph Waldo Emerson A friend might well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.
Teddy Carroll succes is quest that will take me a life time to for fill but it is worth the wait
Lord Chesterfield Most people enjoy the inferiority of their friends.
Quentin Crisp Nothing in our culture, not even home computers, is more overrated than the epidermal felicity of two featherless bipeds in desperate congress.
Euripides Light be the earth upon you, lightly rest.
John Maynard Keynes The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping the old ones, which ramify, for those brought up as most of us have been, into every corner of our minds.
Iris Murdoch The cry of equality pulls everyone down.
Bernard Bailey When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it.
Jean Kerr I feel about airplanes the way I feel about diets. It seems to me they are wonderful things for other people to go on.
Wilson Mizner God help those who do not help themselves.
Leo Tolstoy What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.
James Thurber Nowadays men lead lives of noisy desperation.
William Shakespeare Let me not to the marriage of true minds <br>Admit impediments: love is not love <br>Which alters when it alteration finds.
John Quincy Adams This is the last of earth! I am content.