Ross Perot There is no accountability in the public school system - except for coaches. You know what happens to a losing coach. You fire him. A losing teacher can go on losing for 30 years and then go to glory.
F. Scott Fitzgerald Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.
Michel de Montaigne I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.
L. Ron Hubbard Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.
Mark Twain It has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain when awake.
Henry Fielding A newspaper consists of just the same number of words, whether there be any news in it or not.
Andre Maurois Above all things, never be afraid. The enemy who forces you to retreat is himself afraid of you at that very moment.
Henry David Thoreau We must have infinite faith in each other. If we have not, we must never let it leak out that we have not.
Johann Von Schiller Of all the possessions of this life fame is the noblest; when the body has sunk into the dust the great name still lives.
Thomas Carlyle The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder - waif, a nothing, a no man. Have a purpose in life, and, having it, throw such strength of mind and muscle into your work as God has given you.
Madame Swetchine In this world of change naught which comes stays and naught which goes is lost.
Ralph Waldo Emerson Ideas must work through the brains and arms of men, or they are no better than dreams.
Hannah Arendt Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.
Sam Walter Foss Seek not for fresher founts afar, Just drop you bucket where you are.
Robert Orben Most people would like to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch.
Kahlil Gibran You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
Katharine Hepburn If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.
Carl Jung The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.
George Santayana Intolerance itself is a form of egoism, and to condemn egoism intolerantly is to share it.
William Ralph Inge It takes in reality only one to make a quarrel. It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favour of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion.
Saul Bellow There is only one way to defeat the enemy, and that is to write as well as one can. The best argument is an undeniably good book.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
Alice Sebold Horror on earth is real and it is every day. It is like a flower or like the sun; it cannot be contained.
Bette Midler Self-esteem is something you have to earn! The only way to achieve self-esteem is to work hard. People have an obligation to live up to their potential.
Winston Churchill Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it, and carry on.